Trust and transparency

The ANWR GROUP has been an active trading organization for more than 100 years. This success is based on the performance of our employees, the quality of our processes, trust and compliance with internal and external requirements.

Compliance includes not only adherence to the legal standards set by the legislator, such as compliance with data protection or antitrust laws, but above all adhering to "internal values", i.e. self-imposed standards. This includes, for example, avoiding conflicts of interest or working ethically with our business partners.

In addition to the transparency and trust aspect, compliance also aims to prevent the company from measurable damage caused by non-compliance with legal standards (such as fines or sales levies) as well as intangible damage to the company's image or reputation.

There are several legal standards in Germany regarding the general need for compliance, including §§ 91.2 and 93 AktG, § 34.1 GenG, § 43 HGB and § 130 OWiG. In addition, there are mumerous special laws (for example labour or antitrust laws) as well as voluntary guidelines such as the "Code for Corporate Governance for Cooperatives". Ultimately, all of this leads to a general duty of care and legality on the part of the management.

The Compliance Officer of the ANWR GROUP can be contacted via the e-mail address

Key components of the ANWR GROUP's compliance management system, which is subject to regular internal and external audits (most recently an external effectiveness audit in accordance with IDW PS 980 n.F. in 2023), are as follows:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Compliance guideline
  • Antitrust and competition law guidelines
  • Work instruction on benefits
  • Integrity Line whistleblower system

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